Thursday, November 13, 2014

Big Hero 6 - Movie Review

   Big Hero 6 is only the second comic book-based movie I can remember seeing that springs from a comic book I've never read.

   (The other such is Men In Black.)

   The movie has very little in common to the comic (if Wikipedia can be trusted), aside from a few character names.

   The film centers around a teenager named Hiro who's a genius at robotics. At the urging of his brother, he dreams up an amazing invention - but then everything goes wrong.

   He's left with a mystery, a deadly menace, a murderous villain, a big goofy robot named Beymax and four friends who band together to form an offbeat team of heroes.

   I wasn't really expecting much going into it, and was delighted to find that I loved the movie. It's a great balance of action, humor, heart and amazing visuals (in fact, the visuals are almost too much - they emulate the real world in some amazing ways, including street scenes that are phenomenal).

    The story may wobble a bit here and there - those additional super-skills were cobbled together awfully fast - but it's a story that will hit you emotionally and provide some genuine surprises along the way.

   Heck, even my wife loved it, and she's not much for super-hero films.

   By the way, two more notes: arrive early enough to see the sweet opening cartoon about a puppy who gets his priorities straight; and stay to the end - the clip at the end of the credits is a hoot!

Grade: A


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