Friday, November 14, 2014

Batman #36

   I have to admit, I like Batman when he's portrayed as "The Most Dangerous Man on Earth" (as Superman said in an issue of JLA written by Grant Morrison).

    He gets a chance to show that side off in this issue (and the last) as he faces off against the entire Justice League, all of them being mind-controlled by... well, the cover kinda gives it away.

   It serves as something of a preview of the upcoming movie, as Batman must fight Superman - and the fight takes some surprising turns (although some of Batman's tricks stretch credulity - and physics - to the breaking point).

   It's all part of the setup to a return match between the Dark Knight and his greatest foe - and the destruction of Gotham City hangs in the balance.

   It's an all-out, over-the-top story by Scott Snyder, and it's a lot of fun (if a bit hard to totally buy into).

   As always, the art by Greg Capullo and Danny Miki is outstanding, with great action sequences and some moody, introspective (and creepy) moments, too.

    It's too early to pass judgment on this storyline, but it's off to a roaring start!

Grade: B+


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Anonymous said...

Spoilers ahead!

So I bought this issue because of this issue. I could't find the first part, so I jumped in here. It does have some good parts - The anti-Superman suit, the Joker's reveal, and the art is amazing, but the one thing that still bothers me the most? I paid more than four dollars (with tax) for this book. As the price goes up, my expectation goes up with it. While this connection makes no sense, I could not shake the feeling that I'd been robbed. Part of the fun of comics is picking up a book that you don't read and "looks good." The hope is that you missed it and you're going to find an Astro City or a Morrison Doom Patrol. More often than not, you don't, but the pain of this risk at $4 makes me pick up that random look far less. Rant over.