Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Classics - Action Comics #552

   Last week we looked at the short run on Action Comics by the great Gil Kane, and I stumbled across the next issue in the run - a comic designed for long-time fans.

   That's because it reunites a large gathering of the heroes who were around when DC's Silver Age began (and some predate that).

   Eventually billed as The Forgotten Heroes, the gathering took over this issue, leaving Superman precious few pages to rescue Metropolis.

   The list of guest-stars included Animal Man, the Sea Devils, Cave Carson, Rip Hunter: Time Master, Congorilla, the Suicide Squad, Immortal Man and Dolphin!

   With the exception of Dolphin (who was a more recent creation), those are the heroes I was reading when I first got interested in comics.

   In fact, I'm pretty sure that it was an adventure of Cave Carson that first got me hooked on comics. Some of the characters enjoyed long runs (Sea Devils, Rip Hunter), others were short-lived but fondly remembered.

   The story by Marv Wolfman doesn't do much more than introduce the army of characters, all of whom have shared the recent discovery of a mysterious temple. The story is all setup, as we find that they're targeting Superman because of a mysterious threat he poses (we'll have to tune in next issue to find out just what that might be).

   The big selling point (other than the return of those beloved heroes) is the fantastic art by Kane.

   But the issue is fondly remembered for shining a light again - if just briefly - on those heroes who were there when DC first started building its own "Universe."

Grade: B



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