Saturday, November 15, 2014

Thor #2

   OK, I have to admit that the second issue of (the new and womaned-up) Thor is actually good.

   We still don't know the identity of the mysterious woman who has somehow been able to lift Thor's hammer.

   We do get a few clues: she's been involved in adventures before this one; she talks like a human (at least in her internal monologue); and she has some familiarity with Asgard and (the real) Thor.

   The story takes her from the Moon (where she discovered  Mjolnir) to the Earth. Pet peeve time: everyone in comics seems to think the Moon is close by. Thor rockets from the Moon to the Earth in what seems to be no time at all. Let's not forget that it took Apollo 11 astronauts three days to fly there! Covering that space in moments is Silver Age Superman territory. End of rant.

    So she arrives on Earth and immediately finds herself fighting for her life against titanic Ice Giants.

   The issue features great (if sometimes chaotic) art by Russell Dauterman and a story by Jason Aaron, but I can't help but wonder - would the story have been much different if Thor has been the original character?

   Aside from the internal conflicts (and a few rookie mistakes), I think it would have been the same.

   So why the change? (Silly question, I know.

Grade: B+



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