Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Death of Wolverine #3

   Still not dead yet.

   But someone has put a huge bounty on Wolverine - and since he no longer has a healing factor, any encounter with an enemy may be his last.

   Which is a real problem, since this series seems determined to bring back every deadly foe from Logan's past. Luckily, it also brings a valuable ally. (Or does it?)

   Once again, we have terrific art from Steve McNiven and Jay Leisten, with some lovely imagery balancing against the brutal fight sequences.

   Charles Soule provides an excellent story and spot-on dialogue.

   I have to say, I'm surprised at this series - mostly because I expected to hate it. But instead of being the usual grim march to death, we're getting an actual story and characterization here.

   So far, it's been very good. Wonder how it will end?

Grade: A-


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