Wednesday, October 8, 2014

New Comics Day

   Here's what I picked up today at the comics shop:

- Astro City #16 - Teaming up with a bitter enemy.

- Avengers #36 - The future is a strange place.

- Axis #1 - The next event, natch.

- Batgirl #35 - A new beginning for Barbara.

- Batman #35A new story, and a new price!

- Grendel vs Shadow #2 - What happens when titans clash?

- Miracleman #12 - Meet Miraclewoman.

- Ragnarok #2 - Walt Simonson having fun.

- Rocket Raccoon  #4 When raccoons clash!

Winterworld #3 - Winter no more?

   And that's it!


El Vox said...

Wondered if you caught the premiere of DC's Flash series on the CW? It was fairly watchable for TV standards. Yes, there are some changes that they made that I'm indifferent too and a few actors that play some of the characters that are cliched or I wouldn't have picked someone different to play them, but overall, a pretty fun series for a beginning. We'll see how it unfolds.

Chuck said...

El Vox, I caught it on my DVR but haven't had a chance to watch it yet. I hope to have a review this weekend. Glad to hear you liked it - I have high hopes for it!