Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saga #23

   It's the curse of most comics that any long-time reader generally knows where it's all going.

   Good guys fight bad guys, there are setbacks, but the good guys will always win.

   But when you read Saga, you just don't know where it may go next, as this issue demonstrates.

   The couple at the heart of the series are having marital difficulties, and Alana has turned Marko away - which makes things even more tense when a murderous renegade robot turns up on their doorstep.

   And if that all sounds crazed - well, that's part of writer Brian K. Vaughn's appeal. He weaves fascinating characters, potent emotions and exotic locations (and occupations) into an amazing portrait of a strange reality, with intense conflicts and unexpected twists.

   And that's not to discount the wonderful art by Fiona Staples - a vivid and unique painting style that's just as surprising as the script.

  This is one of those series where I keep running out of adjectives. It's not for everyone - it's very adult in content and sometimes offensive - but it's a sharp, clever story with great twists and turns - highly recommended!

Grade: A-



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