Sunday, September 28, 2014

All-New Invaders #10

   There are a couple of interesting things about this issue of the All-New Invaders.

   For one, it actually makes reference to the conflict going on right now between Captain America's faction of the Avengers and the Illuminati, which includes Namor.

   It's just a fleeting mention, but kudos for not just ignoring the conflict.

   The other thing I'm enjoying is the focus on characters and concepts from some of Marvel's most interesting comics in the '70s - including Deathlok and War of the Worlds (which was teased years ago at the end of the "Death of Captain America" series). And oh, that last panel.

   It's also bringing in characters from the original Invaders series and giving them a modern twist.

   Writer James Robinson does his best work when he's dealing with this kind of sweeping comics history, and this is building nicely. I also like the artwork by Steve Pugh, a classic comics style with strong, clean storytelling.

   This series hasn't quite clicked yet - there have been some great moments, and a few lackluster ones  - but you get the sense that it's almost there. Hopefully!

Grade: B+


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