Friday, September 26, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy #19

   OK, I get it - writer Brian Michael Bendis likes to take his time when he's telling a story.

   But I'm throwing the BS flag on this Guardians of the Galaxy story.

   After waiting years to find out how Star-Lord and Thanos survived the conclusion of the Thanos Imperative story (and if Nova survived), we finally have Peter Quill telling us what happened (the story started last issue), and by the end of this issue, we still don't know what happened!

   Granted, he's not done telling the story yet. Will it take another issue, three more issues? Who knows?

   But the whole thing so far, told with powerful art by Ed McGuinness, just seems to be running in place, and doesn't fit with the previous event series.

   We're getting lots of fighting, more guest stars (this in a universe that was collapsing), and an improbable explanation of how the Cancerverse works - it was supposed to be a universe filled with death, and now it's being sold as something else.

   There are plenty of stories out there that call for a slow, deliberate pace, but this one feels like it's just dragging things out to fill up a collection. Prove me wrong, Marvel!

Grade: C+


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