Thursday, September 25, 2014

New Avengers #24

   In recent issues I've worried that the members of the Illuminati  (the New Avengers) were in danger of becoming the greatest villains in the Marvel universe.

   But as this issue shows, there are others who deserve the title more.

   The problem is cosmic in nature, as alternate Earths threaten to crash into "our" Earth. The only alternative is to destroy the invading planet.

   Things get critical when that Earth is found to be inhabited. The heroes find they can't commit genocide - even to preserve their own people - and only Namor the Sub-Mariner is willing to destroy the other Earth.

    To continue destroying those other Earths he was forced to find new allies - truly evil creatures who revel in the destruction.

   This latest issue takes us eight months into the future, to see the grim results of Namor's decision - and what happens when he tries to "fix" his mistake.

   It takes grim and gritty to a new level (at least for an Avengers comic), and it's setting up some serious confrontations - and we also get a glimpse, for the first time, of what's behind it all.

   It's another powerful story by Jonathan Hickman, and excellent art by Valerio Schiti (though I must admit his depiction of Thanos doesn't quite work for me).

  This epic tale continues to build, and while it's not a story for kids, it's one that promises a big pay-off - eventually.

Grade: A-


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