Monday, August 25, 2014

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #1

   This is an odd bit of business.

   This issue of Sensation Comics doesn't seem to be placed in the "New 52" universe at all. It features (mostly) classic, pre-New-52 versions of Batman's Rogue's Gallery attacking Gotham, but (for reasons I'm not clear on), Batman isn't around to deal with them.

   So Oracle (Barbara Gordon) calls in another hero - Wonder Woman.

   I'm torn - I'm not sure if the issue is a slam on Batman or on his villains.

   Wonder Woman scarcely seems challenged by the gathering (and don't get me started on the odd dream sequence that feels completely out of place).

   The art by Ethan Van Sciver is excellent - like the story, it's something of a throwback to a clean, classic look for Diana, with powerful layouts and great character stylings.

   While I'm a bit on the fence about the story, I'm glad to see this peek at the pre-52 world. If it were up to me, the whole DC line would move in this direction.

Grade: B


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