Sunday, August 24, 2014

Daredevil #7

   OK, I'm impressed.

   This issue of Daredevil manages to accomplish a couple of things I didn't expect - it finally reveals the long-hidden reasons why Matt Murdock's mother left their family when he was a baby - and it tackles a serious subject, one that isn't much discussed, but should be.

   Writer Mark Waid, thankfully, is the one managing this sensitive subject, and he does so with intelligence and insight, but never with a heavy-handed approach.

   It spins off of a long-ago story written by Frank Miller, which revealed that his mother had become a nun. In this story, she is taken to the nation of Wakanda to face justice for her protests again a secret research project that nation is involved in - but luckily, her son is a heckuva lawyer.

   Of course, there's plenty of action along the way, as Daredevil must invade the nation that has never been successfully invaded, he must fight the ruling Black Panther (who is no longer his old friend T'Challa), and find a way to save his mother and get her safely home. A tall order!

   It's a smart, sensitive story, with wonderful illustrations by Javier Rodriguez and Alvaro Lopez.

   With a great grasp of character, perfectly steeped in Marvel's rich history, and loaded with clever plot twists and turns, this continues to be an exceptional series. You really should be buying it.

Grade: A


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