Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Brain Boy: The Man from G.E.S.T.A.L.T. #4 (of 4)

   This series has been a good example of how to effectively revive an old character in the modern world.

   Brain Boy was a short-lived pseudo superhero in the '60s (though one without a costume), and now he's been revived by Dark Horse as a modern-day spy.

   Since his powers are mind-based (telepathy, telekinesis), he makes the perfect spy - but in this series he may be (you should excuse the phrase) in over his head.

   He's up against a powerful Hive Mind that has a deadly plot to take control of the government - and it will take all of Matt Price's abilities to stand against it.

   The story by Fred Van Lente is a bit convoluted, and it would be difficult to start up with this issue - but the collections would be a good place to catch up.

   The art by Freddie Williams II is strong, though I don't much care for the super costume Brain Boy sports in this issue - it seems pretty generic.

   The best thing about the issue, though, is the last page, with a shocking turn that should lead into the next mini-series.

    This series isn't for everyone - it takes the roundabout path to get the story told - but it's a smart and clever take on a classic concept.

Grade: B-


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