Saturday, July 5, 2014

Superman Unchained #7

   The Superman Unchained series has been around just over a year, but the gaps between issues have made it a challenge to keep a grip on the story.

   So let's see: we have the U.S. military surrounding Superman's Fortress of Solitude, threatening to kill him if he refuses to surrender. (Boy, do I hate that bit of business.)

   We have the powerhouse known as the Wraith (who may be more powerful that Superman) invading the Batcave to kill Batman.

   Then there's Lois Lane (remember her?), who guards a mysterious stone of power.

   It all collides together in an action-packed issue that gives artist Jim Lee lots of chances to strut his stuff, with several full-page and double-page spreads.

   Just two more issues to go, so this should be wrapping up by, what, early 2015? Hope it'll have been worth the wait.

Grade: B+



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