Friday, July 4, 2014

Original Sin #5 (of 8)

   I have a bad feeing about this.

   The mini-series Original Sin continues to make very little sense. Heroes are sent on a mission to uncover a mystery - but the guy who sent them already knew the answer? So why bother?

   Even worse, the focus is now on Nick Fury - but it's a Fury who is a feeble old man, as he reveals a long, secret affiliation with the original SHIELD (the secret organization of Earth's greatest minds - it predates the modern agency).

   He's been fighting to protect the Earth from alien invasions and other menaces - so what we all wonder is, how is that tied in to the assassination of The Watcher?

   As always, the artwork by Mike Deodato is stunning, with mind-bending layouts, great action sequences and striking character designs.

   But as I've admitted before, I'm a huge Nick Fury fan - and it seems apparent that this story is designed to bring an end to his story, to make room for the new "Samuel Jackson" version of the character.

   I'd like to think there's room in the big ol' Marvel Universe for both versions of the character - but I'm probably in the minority.

   Hopefully they'll surprise me - but I'm trying to prepare myself for the worst.

Grade: C+


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