Sunday, July 6, 2014

100th Anniversary Special Fantastic Four #1

   This is a puzzling issue, at best.

   The title is 100th Anniversary Special Fantastic Four. That's tough to figure, since (if my math is correct) 2014 marks the 53rd Anniversary of Marvel's first family.

   But you can't let that stop you - so this issue is being presented as though it was being printed in 2061.

   It's a cute conceit - but as the basis for a series of specials? Not so much.

   And while there are some clever bits of business in Jen Van Meter's story, covering the team line-up in the future, the romantic involvements therein, and the fate of the original team - it just never comes together to make much sense.

   And the artwork by Joanna Estep isn't a great fit for the FF - she has a thin, sketchy style that would work great on a more down-to-earth series - but there are too many panels here (including the last one) where I have no idea what's happening.

   It's an interesting experiment, but not a successful one. I can't recommend this one.

Grade: C+


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