Thursday, July 3, 2014

Rocket Raccoon #1

   The general consesus is that Rocket Raccoon will be the breakout star of the movie Guardians of the Galaxy.

   Apparently Marvel agrees, because he's the first Guardian to get a solo title (actually, it's a tie with The Legendary Star-Lord, also released this week - we'll review it in a few days).

   Marvel has shown remarkable insight - Rocket's adventures have been turned over to writer / artist Skottie Young, who has spent the past few years drawing wonderful adaptations of some of the original Oz books by Frank Baum.
   His style is original, cartoonish and completely delightful. Loaded with good humor, high energy and remarkable alien vistas, he launches full-tilt into the unpredictable adventures of Rocket.

   He's up to his usual hijinks on an alien world when he discovers that he's wanted for murder - and he may have been framed by a most unexpected opponent.

   This story is just getting underway, but it's already a heck of a lot of fun. Young's work probably isn't for everyone - it's not hyper-realistic, or grim and gritty - but it is mighty entertaining!

Grade: A-



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