Monday, July 28, 2014

Batman #33

   This issue wraps up the "Year Zero" story in Batman, and while some of the issues have been a bit up-and-down, I have to give credit to the creative team - they managed to stick the landing!

   The stakes are high, as an inexperienced Batman is taking on The Riddler in a deadly match of wits. If Batman fails, the city of Gotham may face destruction.

   It ticks off all the right boxes for long-time fans: a battle of wits between classic enemies, a death-trap with seemingly no way out, the fate of Gotham City hanging in the balance, and a gathering of friends and future allies in common cause.

   There's one story thread tagged on that feels out of place and tacked on - a flashback to Bruce Wayne's early struggles - but it's easily forgiven.

   As always, the art is terrific, and there's a genuinely touching sequence at the end that shows how dedicated Bruce must be to become the Bat.

   Glad to see this series back at the top of its game!

Grade: A


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