Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Damsels in Excess #1

   From a marketing standpoint, this series seems like a natural.

   Damsels in Excess focuses on five princesses who rule over five magical kingdoms. Given the extraordinary success Disney has enjoyed in this field, not to mention the popularity of TV shows like Once Upon a Time, it seems like safe territory to navigate.

   And for the most part it has fun setting up the story. The five princesses have a serious problem: thanks to a magic spell, there are no men left in the world. (Or are there?)

   They are required to meet to uncover a long-hidden secret, and what they discover may mean the end for one princess.

   So it's a great idea, but there are problems in the execution. Reading the issue is like drinking from a fire hose - you're overwhelmed with names, locations, curses, animal sidekicks, history - the whole backstory.

   None of the princesses are particularly likable, but we don't really get much in the way of characterization, so that could change. And the story isn't aimed at young readers, as you might expect - there are some unsettling and adult situations included.

   The art is fun - it actually leans more toward comical than glamorous - and focuses on the exotic fashions.

   So it's a bit of a rough, uneven start for Aspen's new series. Hopefully they'll get the glitches ironed out and future issues will focus on the royal possibilities.

Grade: B-


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