Sunday, July 27, 2014

Wonder Woman #33

   After almost three years of Brian Azarello's take on Wonder Woman as a mythological horror story, it looks like we're near the end of this tangled, twisted tale.

   We've followed Diana's ongoing battles with the pantheon of Greek gods, and the fatality rate has been high (though I should say that Diana isn't the one doing all the killing).

   We're near the final showdown with the powerful god known as First Born who has managed to take command of the gods and defeat Diana, who is now the God of War.

   That moves the battle to Paradise Island, where the Amazons have marshaled their forces to fight overwhelming odds - and it doesn't look good for any of the good guys (such as they are).

   It's great to see Cliff Chiang handling the art, since he started the "New 52" series - his art has a unique, stark look to it that's entertaining, even when the subject matter is a dark and grisly as you'll find here.

   A good time for a reminder that this is not a comic for young readers. The series (and this issue in particular) include lots of unsettling images - blood, death, destruction, even the threat of rape - not something you want your young daughter to read.

   But for those mature enough, it's a dark, powerful story. But it's definitely time to wrap it up and move on to other matters.

Grade: B+



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