Sunday, June 8, 2014

Cyclops #2

   So here's what I like about this series: it has transformed Cyclops from a humorless thug into a likable young man.

   It managed this by using the teen version of Scott Summers, who time-traveled to the present day and is now stuck here.

   I've always liked the character - he was a bit dour, but as the leader of the X-Men, he had to be serious.

   But without those hindrances, and now exploring the galaxy with his Dad, Corsair (who Scott thought was dead, much less a Space Pirate), the young mutant gets to lighten up.

   This issue offers some good father-and-son moments, as they visit an alien world (natch), Scott makes a new friend and (of course) they end up in a fight for their lives.

   I like Greg Rucka's writing here - it's still a bit on the laid-back side (action sequences aside), but it's building nicely.

   The art by Russell Dauterman with colors by Chris Sotomayor is very good, with a clean, expressive and original look to these alien worlds.

   So it continues to be a good start to this new series. Now if they could just fix the modern-day version of Cyclops.

Grade: B+


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