Saturday, June 7, 2014

Avengers World #7

    Fresh off his star turn in the Captain America: Winter Soldier movie, it's good to see The Falcon getting the spotlight in Avengers World.

   It's a strange story he finds himself in. The Gorgon has defeated Shang-Chi and awakened the giant dragon that lives under the city of Madripoor - and is using the creature to threaten China.

   The Falcon is there, along with the Black Widow and Wolverine, but they're far outnumbered. The Falcon investigates an unusual sighting and finds a possible source of salvation, in the guise of a brand-new super-team.

   The question is, are they allies or future opponents?

   The story is by Nick Spencer (and we assume he's working closely with Jonathan Hickman, since it all ties in with some of that writer's creations), and he has an excellent grip on the voice for each character.

   The art by Stefano Caselli is quite good, with a powerful, raw feeling to it, and the color work by Andres Mossa is outstanding.

   The story is walking the edge (mostly because of the gigantic dragon angle), but so far it's a compelling story, and I like the focus on the individual members of the team. So far, so good.

Grade: B+


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