Monday, June 9, 2014

Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #3

   Danny Rand is one of those characters who struggles for lasting success.

    Born to capitalize on the Kung Fu craze, Iron Fist managed to cleverly smash together several classic concepts - the quest for revenge, the immortal city that only appears once every 10 years,  and the child of wealth who is pushed to the limit.

   That hasn't always translated into success, but it does translate into many second chances, so the hero is back again under the guidance of writer / artist Kaare Kyle Andrews - who seems intent on tearing it all down.

   That's not necessarily a bad thing - it's one of Alan Moore's favorite tricks, after all.

   The story combines flashbacks with a brutal battle (on several fronts) and manages a shocking final page, to boot.

   It remains to be seen if Andrews can "stick the landing" and bring ongoing success to this title - but here's hoping!

Grade: B+


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Glen Davis said...

I couldn't take it anymore after the second issue.