Sunday, March 16, 2014

Captain Marvel #1

   This is a comic book I'd love to see succeed, if just because I have such fondness for the character.

   Carol Danvers is one of those heroes who - like the original (Marvel) version of Captain Marvel - has been through the mill, suffering through numerous changes, new creative teams, new costumes and new names as they try to find the approach that works.

   All those changes have led her to this military super-hero costume which echoes Mar-Vell's best costume while offering a fresh look (thankfully, they seem to have abandoned the clunky cowl).

   She lives in the Statue of Liberty (which seems downright silly) along with a woman and her daughter (whoever they are) - which offers a nice humanizing touch.

   She has a relationship with another hero, she seems to have her life together - but it's all about to be changed, as she takes an assignment from Iron Man which will take her into deep space.

   That may lead to some interesting adventures, but it also separates her from her supporting cast and, possibly, from her normal identity. Of course, under writer Kelly Sue Deconnick, it may be the springboard for new and exciting stories. We'll see.

   I like the art by David Lopez - it's a nice clean style with attractive characters, but without the usual cheesecake style that one might expect.

   So it's a promising start, but time will tell if it's the right direction for Marvel's premiere super-heroine.

Grade: B+


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