Saturday, March 15, 2014

Beasts of Burden: Hunters & Gatherers One-shot

   This is definitely a comic you can't judge by its cover.

   While Beasts of Burden may look like it's all about dogs and cats, it's certainly not a Disney-style, family-friendly story.

   Instead, it's a dark tale of horror as a small group of dogs and cats work together to protect the small town of Burden Hill from mystical menaces that the human residents are blissfully blind to.

   This issue would be a good jumping-on point for new readers. It introduces the main players (including the "high council" of dogs who spearhead the efforts to fight the forces of evil).

   The menace is a gruesome one, and the dogs must work as a team to overcome a much bigger and more vicious opponent.

   The story is by Evan Dorkin, so you can expect some humor (both black and otherwise) to make the story more entertaining.

   The art is by Jill Thompson, and she manages the perfect blend of realism and animated stylings for the animals to convey their thoughts and feelings.

   It's a terrific series - I just wish it appeared more often. But for any fans of horror - or simply well-told tales - it's well worth the wait.

Grade: A-


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