Monday, March 17, 2014

Kiani #1

      This issue marks a new beginning for an Aspen character who's spent quite a bit of time in the villain category - but now Kiani has her own title and something of a fresh start.

   (Actually, the full title is Michael Turner's Fathom: Kiani.)

   Like Aspen (Fathom) Matthews, Kiani is one of the Blue - an undersea race with amazing powers. Having suffered some tragic setbacks (in her previous mini-series), she decides to seek refuge on solid ground (in South America) and finds herself adopted by a kindly family - but it doesn't take long for some powerful forces to come looking for her.

   The story by Vince Hernandez does a good job introducing Kiani to new readers, and quickly sets up the conflict. I especially like her time with the family, as it helps (for lack of a better work) humanize her.

    The art is by Giuseppe Cafaro, and it's quite good, with sharp layouts and lots of chances to show off Kiani's beauty.

   This title should be a natural for fans of Fathom - it's a good start for the newest heroine in town (at least I think she's a heroine). We'll see!

Grade: A-



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