Friday, March 14, 2014

Batman #29

   As the "Zero Year" story crawls along, we have the odd image of a Batman who still has a lot to learn - and who makes mistakes.

   It's unusual and a bit unsettling - one wonders how he survived his first year in the superhero business.

   As always, the artwork by Greg Capullo (with inker Danny Miki) is amazing as he takes Batman into a battle high above Gotham City (throwing in a nice full-page homage to Frank Miller along the way).

   The story has Batman matching wits with the Riddler (though the details behind the plan are a bit fuzzy) and fighting the monstrous Doctor Death.

   It's an oversized issue with some flashbacks to Bruce's childhood and its parallels to the disaster overtaking Gotham.

   The big problem with the story is that it's taking its sweet time to roll out, and having a fill-in issue last month doesn't help keep the story in focus.

   It's never a good thing when you pick up an issue and have to think, "What's going on with this series again?" - but it keeps happening for me with this story.

Grade: B+


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