Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Avengers #26

   I'm really enjoying the throwback covers on recent issues of The Avengers - this one is a tribute to the original Avengers #3.

   The interiors are somewhat related to the "old days" - a different Avengers team (one that resembles an early incarnation of the team) has crossed over into "our" universe.

   But that team isn't exactly heroic - their actions would indicate they're not any version of the team we've seen before, despite their appearances - and battle quickly erupts between the team and the super-science organization known as AIM.

   There are quite a few twists and turns to the story - and a strange new menace seems to be on the rise.

   So, another strong effort from writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Salvador Larroca - they're building a special story here (I should say yet another in a series of special stories), one where our Avengers are on the sideline - but only for the moment.

   I love stories where I don't know what will happen next - and you'll find that (and then some) in this series.

Grade: A-


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