Monday, February 17, 2014

Batman #28

   This issue got a "What the heck?" out of me.

   That's because it's not a Batman issue at all. It's a preview for the upcoming Batman Eternal series, whatever that might be.

   It's apparently set in the "near future" (though we have no idea if that's next week, next decade or "Batman Beyond" territory).

   So we see Batman searching for the cure to some kind of illness (I think), taking on an army of thugs, confronting a familiar foe, and working with a new partner.

   The art by Dustin Nguyen is quite good - fresh, energetic but moody and edgy - but the story raises many questions and provides almost no answers.

   Yes, there's a big shock on the final page - but despite a few good surprises along the way, I don't feel compelled to add the new series to my pull list - it just feels like another Bat-title, and there are already more of those than I can keep up with.

   And turning the regular issue into an ad doesn't encourage me to hang with this series, either.

Grade: B-


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