Saturday, February 15, 2014

Superman Wonder Woman #5

   Charles Soule is quickly establishing himself as one of the better writers working in comics today.

   His excellent She-Hulk was released this week, and now the latest issue of Superman Wonder Woman.

   He manages something here that most writers seem unable to accomplish - he makes Wonder Woman into an interesting, sympathetic character.

   She spends much of the issue visiting her homeland, Paradise Island (though it doesn't exactly live up to its name these days), while her lover, Superman, is dealing with two Kryptonians who have escaped from the Phantom Zone: General Zod and the soldier named Faora.

    It's a serious challenge for the Man of Steel, since he's had no military training - but things get interesting when the fight heats up.

   The art is by Tony S. Daniel, and it's fresh and vibrant, from quiet moments to wild action sequences. Very nice.

   I still don't buy the title characters as a couple, but it's well written and the partnership is moving in an interesting direction, and - so far - it keeps bringing me back for more.

Grade: A-


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