Friday, February 7, 2014

Ms. Marvel #1

      I admit that I'm not sure how to react to the new version of Ms. Marvel.

   On one hand, I applaud the use of the series to introduce one of the first Muslim characters to the Marvel Universe. (Wasn't at least one of the Global Guardians Muslim?) The comic is well-written and introduces an all-new cast of characters.

   On the other hand, it feels like we're being hit over the head with the idea , "Look everyone! We're being inclusive! She's a Muslim!"

   In other words, it feels a bit heavy-handed. Should the most important thing about the hero be the quality of their character or their heritage? Your thoughts may vary, as do mine.

   At any rate, thankfully writer G. Willow Wilson has written a good comic here, though most of it reads more like a teen "coming of age" story instead of a superhero tale.

   It focuses on a 16-year-old girl / woman named Kamala who lives a normal life in Jersey City - but when she decides to rebel and sneak out to a party, she runs into a life-changing event.

   The art by Adrian Alphona is quite good, though very different from traditional superhero comic book art. It's much more evocative of the real world and real life characters, as opposed to the usual steroid-infused (or silicon-infused) models.

    It's an interesting start to a promising series.

Grade: A-


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