Thursday, February 6, 2014

Forever Evil #5 (of 7)

   For the first time in the run of this interminable series, we run into an issue of Forever Evil that's almost... ok.

   That's because the creative team (writer Geoff Johns, artist David Finch and Richard Friend) manage to only have one gruesome moment (which leads to one death, of course) - probably the lowest fatality count in the series.

   There's also an entertaining match-up between a team of villains (working with Batman and Catwoman) who are resisting the Crime Syndicate, and another team of villains who have thrown in with the Syndicate.

  And the issue throws in a good twist at the end that promises to amp up this series - which is good, because it's been terribly grim and ponderous so far.

   Here's hoping the last two issues continue the trend toward better stories and less bloodshed.

Grade: B


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