Saturday, February 8, 2014

All-New Invaders #2

   The first issue of this series was very promising, as it transplanted the classic World War II-era team into the modern setting with a story that established a new war for them to fight.

   This issue continues the action-packed trend as the team comes together (mostly) to face an attack by a powerful Kree warrior.

   But while Captain America, The (original) Human Torch and the Winter Soldier are fighting for their lives, they discover the secret behind the disappearance of the Sub-Mariner, and prepare to mount a different kind of invasion.

   It's a lot of fun to see these heroes back in action together, and the story includes some interesting flashbacks to a battle in the '40s (and an appearance by a favorite character from that era).

   The creative team is writer James Robinson and artist Steve Pugh, and they're doing excellent work, with sharp dialogue and excellent actions sequences.

   So far, this series continues to carry the banner of quality established by the original series. More like this, please!

Grade: A-


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