Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Thor: God of Thunder #19

   Perhaps the biggest curse of being an immortal (if such thing there were) would be watching as your loved ones pass away.

   We get a sense of that as Thor dives into danger to rescue his newest love interest, Agent Solomon, who works for SHIELD.

   We also see a flash forward to Earth's last days, as an aged Thor confronts a dying planet, the loss of humanity - and faces an old foe.

   I'm surprised more effort isn't made to align the comic with the film version by reigniting the romance between Thor and Jane Foster (made problematic by her struggles with cancer) - or by reviving his relationship with Sif (which has been mostly "off" in recent years, though it's never really been explained why).

    The art by Esad Ribic is quite good, although the watercolor feel to it seems to ramp down some of the action sequences. But the designs and use of color are striking.

   Jason Aaron's story manages a nice balance between humor and the adventure. The new story is just getting started, so it's too soon to pass final judgment, but it's a decent (if not spectacular) start.

Grade: B+



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