Sunday, February 9, 2014

Loki: Agent of Asgard #1

   Surely the biggest surprise to emerge from the Marvel Studio films has to be the popularity of the chief villain, Loki, in two of the films (Thor and The Avengers) - he was brought back for the second Thor movie, and he's now set to star in his own film!

   Most of that can be attributed to the likability and star power of actor Tom Hiddleston - but surely some has to go to the mischievous, bad-boy attitude of the character, and the fact that he has some justification for his wicked ways.

   The character in the comic has gone through quite a few changes in the 50 years he's been appearing in Marvel Comics. He spent decades as the thoroughly evil opponent for Thor - but several years back, he "died" and was reborn as a young teen - a conflicted youth who tried to fight for the side of good, but often found his efforts misunderstood - or deliberately misconstrued.

   Now he's changed again, aged and transformed into an adult (who looks remarkably like Hiddleston, natch) - but one who's secretly fighting on the side of the angels.

   It's a clever bit of business, and writer Al Ewing keeps it fresh, light and inventive - but it never quite takes off. But the twist at the end of the issue promises some interesting paths ahead.

   The art by Lee Garbett is quite good - fresh and unique, with strong layouts and breezy character designs.

   I'm not completely convinced that this series will work - its tough to make a go of a series that has a villain in the lead - but it's off to a good start.

Grade: B+


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