Monday, January 13, 2014

Green Lantern #27


   If I had to sum up the recent adventures of one of my long-time favorite characters, that would be it.

   Look, Green Lantern should be all about big adventure, heroism (since the hero is a man without fear), science fiction, cosmic threats - with some romance thrown in for good measure.

   Instead, for months - years, even - this has been a comic about a shallow, thinks-with-his-fists hero who seems ill equipped to be a leader.

   When a Galactus clone shows up and says that there's a limited amount of green energy, and using it up threatens to destroy the universe, Hal believes him without reservation.

   That storyline completely undermines the Corps, its purpose and its future. That story was followed up with an adventure where the entire Corps is needed to subdue a single ring-slinger, and in this issue a mysterious alien manages to undermine the Corps even further by sending out a single message. Right.

   The art is nice, with Dale Eaglesham doing his usual strong work - but the story just falls flat.

    I've been following this series for a long time, and it feels like it's time to give it a rest. I'll come back when they get around to bringing back Hal Jordan.

   The rest of the Corps makes for an interesting supporting cast, but for too long, it's been the focus - and Hal has been lost in the crowd.

Grade: C


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