Sunday, January 12, 2014

All-New Marvel Now Point One #1

   Give Marvel credit as they publish a comic that previews six upcoming titles, sprinkles in a little bit of story, some fine art and charges the reader six bucks for what is, at its heart, a big commercial.

   But it's a nice commercial!

   It previews the upcoming comics featuring:

- Loki, no longer a teen and now back in his movie-style adult version. His story provides the framework for this issue (kinda sorta);

- Silver Surfer, in a funny vignette that has nothing to do with the rest of the issue;

- The All-New Invaders, which previews a cosmic angle to the modern day adventures of the World War II team;

- Black Widow, in a fast if slim adventure;

- Ms. Marvel, the newest hero on the block with some truly strange powers (oh, and she's a Muslim); and

- Avenger's World, because there cannot be too many Avengers comics.

   So there are some nice snippets to see - the Loki part of the story is probably the best, but the whole thing really doesn't add up to a whole comic, much less one that costs double a single issue.

   I'd advise holding off until the individual issues show up.

Grade: B-


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Anonymous said...

These used to be freebie previews, but presenting the first few pages of the first issues. These were all new stories setting the stage for the new issues, hence the cost. The art was pretty nice throughout, but I doubt I'll be buying many of these.