Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Earth 2 #19

   Earth 2 is yet another "New 52" title that has been teetering on the edge of being dropped from my list.

   That it has lasted this long is mostly a tribute to how much I like the Justice Society and the original concept of Earth 2.

   But this series has struggled throughout, meandering about without real direction. Heck, the team (such as it is) doesn't even have a name yet.

   I decided to hold on for a few more issues while the new creative team settled in - and I'm glad I did, because the story by Tom Taylor seems to have more of a purpose - though the story has become dark indeed.

   Once again, Earth 2 is under attack by Apokolips as vast armies of Parademons strike.

   But there is hope, as Batman (whoever he is) rounds up a number of heroes, including a real surprise.

   The art by Nicola Scott and Robson Rocha is quite good, with powerful layouts and great character designs.

   I'm still not crazy about the dark nature of the stories in this series, but I admit I'm curious to see where the series will go from here.

   So in terms of my list, this series lives to fight another day!

Grade: B+


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