Saturday, January 11, 2014

Black Widow #1

   Here's a character who has to be a challenge to continuity fans.

   That's because the Black Widow has been all over the map.

   She started out as a villain in the early days of Iron Man's adventures. Then she teamed up with Hawkeye, reformed and became an ally of the Avengers. She was given some solo adventures, she spent some time teamed up with Daredevil and the Winter Soldier, she's had a few mini-series along the way, but mostly she's been connected to the Avengers - and certainly the feature film cemented the association.

   So now - finally - she has her own title. So how is it?

   Thankfully - it's pretty good.

   It ignores all the past continuity (though it doesn't actually cast it aside) and launches Natasha right into a separate, deadly adventure where she operates as something of a mercenary - though one who tackles dangerous jobs as a way to redeem her past misdeeds.

   So the story by Nathan Edmondson focuses on super-spy action to good effect, well matched with stunning art by Phil Noto.

   As Scarlett Johansson has demonstrated in her film appearances, the Widow has tremendous potential (her confrontation with Loki in the film is an amazing scene). This comic is a good first step in bringing that character into the comics.

Grade: A-


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