Friday, January 31, 2014

Serenity: Firefly Class 03-K64 #1

   As a big fan of the original Firefly TV show and the Serenity film (do yourself a favor and watch them in that order) I'm always happy to see the story continue - and thankfully, we're getting a story set after the feature film.

   For those who came in late, the story centers around the crew of a transport starship called Serenity. They take on assorted jobs to make money, and largely try to avoid the attention of the Alliance that rules the 90 (or so) terraformed planets.

   The series mostly works in a "real world," with no aliens or laser blasters - it's very much a space western (in the best possible sense).

   As this story picks up, the characters are dealing with the loss of certain members of the team - and a new addition!

   They're also being hunted by - well, just about everyone in the 'verse.

   It seems the Alliance doesn't much appreciate the fact that the crew of the Serenity revealed a certain dark secret - and a new movement is starting that hopes to latch on the the popularity of the crew.

   So Captain Mal and his associates are laying low - but events conspire to throw them back into the limelight. Can they survive the experience?

   The story is by Zack Whedon, and it "feels" right - the characters speak in the right voice, and there are some good surprises here (although this issue is mostly setting things up). The art is by George Jeanty and Karl Story, and it's quite good, with strong layouts and character designs. My only complaint is that the likenesses fade out a bit here and there.

   It's a bit of a slow start, but it's a promising beginning - and I'll follow the Serenity anywhere.

Grade: B



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