Thursday, January 30, 2014

Inhumanity #2

   Sometimes the best way to get a story going is to break everything down and start building again.

   That seems to be the approach writer Matt Fraction is taking with the Inhumans, who star (naturally) in Inhumanity.

   Their home city has been destroyed, in their exodus before its destruction they've been scattered across the world, and several key members of the Royal Family have been (apparently) killed.

   That leaves the queen, Medusa, in charge and dealing with serious issues.

   When the city was destroyed, the Terrigen Mist was released on the world, and it has trigged a remarkable change in an unknown number of seemingly-ordinary people. All those with Inhuman backgrounds have been wrapped in cocoons and are being transformed into... something else.

   It's causing widespread fear - and it's drawing the attention of certain powerful elements around the world.

   The art in this issue is by Nick Bradshaw with Todd Nauck, and it's quite good. The influence of Art Adams is apparent, but well done.

   The story is still in the building phase, but it's setting up some interesting conflicts for the months ahead. Here's hoping the creative team can build the Inhumans - and this series - into something special.

Grade: A-


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