Saturday, February 1, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy #11

   This series has a really unique feel to it - one readers are bound to either love or hate. I doubt there's much room in between.

   It's like this: the Guardians of the Galaxy are an odd group of misfits. They're dedicating to fighting the good fight (though we don't really know why). Several of the team members kill without remorse (a good example can be seen in this issue). They don't seem to get along. Their leader is kind of a doofus. They're rude.

   But the steady stream of action and humor and exotic locales keeps things interesting. The team is especially devoted to protecting the Earth, and that leads it (somewhat improbably) to the cosmic side of the upcoming Trial of Jean Grey, and a visit to the mutant side of the Marvel Universe.

   The writing by Brian Michael Bendis is as sharp and funny as ever, and I really like the artwork by Sara Pichelli - her characters are wonderfully expressive.

   I find I like the series in spite of itself, mostly because of the humor - and the unique nature of the team, though I'd really like to learn more about each character (most are blank slates at this point).

   But with the feature film on the way (and good word of mouth preceding it), expect more emphasis on this team - and thrusting it in the middle of the latest X-Men event can't hurt.

Grade: A-



Anonymous said...


I've always liked GotG, but I am a little "blah" with this new version. That said, do you think it deserves a feature film? My point - GotG is not The Avengers, and I would think Marvel would have several other properties that would be far safer bets.


Chuck said...

I agree that GoG was an odd choice for a film, but I do think the potential is there - there's a good mix of characters, good comic and action potential - with the right story, it's just crazy enough to work. But the comic really hasn't hit its stride yet - maybe they're holding back until the film arrives.