Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Classics - Wendy #44

   Thanks to reprints and other collections, I've managed to track down most of my favorite childhood comics in one form or another.

   But there are exceptions, including the stacks of Harvey's "kid" comics I read.

   Those issues are almost impossible to track down because I've long since forgotten the issue numbers and the covers for most of those titles have nothing to do with the stories inside - so if I can't remember the cover or specifics about the story,who knows which issue I read?

   (In my defense, it's been 50 years or more since I read many of them. Yes, I'm old.)

   But I have great affection for those comics, including all the titles featuring Richie Rich, Casper, Hot Stuff, Spooky, Little Lotta, Sad Sack, Little Dot,  and yes, even Wendy the Good Little Witch.

   The art was delightful in its purity, and the stories straightforward and sweet. Each issue featured a mix of longer stories and one-page gags.

   And even when the stories covered well-trod ground, they were fun. This issue features Wendy changing her personality when she gets a bump on her noggin. She becomes wicked and torments her aunts. Of course, it's all resolved when... oh, surely you can guess.

   Even in 1967, that was a old bit - but it's a story any kid would enjoy.

   Are there any comics out there like this today - something aimed at young readers, something to spark their imagination and tickle their funny bone?

   The closest thing I can think of are the comics based on animated features, but even those seem to cater to older readers, not children. Perhaps My Little Pony?

   I hope there's something out there - kids need a good starting point, a service Harvey provided for decades. A shame they're not around anymore.

   (End of rant. Told you I was old.)
Grade: A-




Anonymous said...

As to the difficulty at finding these old Harvey Comics, I can remember, at the previous comic book store I frequented, when someone would bring in a box of Harvey comics, they would not last long. They were not slowly picked through; some savvy collector would grab them all up. There are still different funny books being published today, but there is nothing quite as unique and charming as Harvey Comics. As the saying goes, "They just don't make them like that anymore!"

Sam Kujava

Chuck said...

Sam, I've seen the same thing. It would be nice to see some complete collections of those series (I appreciate the ones that have been released, but they're more like "greatest hit" compilations).