Tuesday, December 3, 2013

All-New Fathom #4

   This one is building slowly.

   In All-New Fathom, we catch up with Aspen Matthews as she - well, doesn't do much of anything, aside from visit an institute devoted to bridging the gap between humanity and the underwater race known as The Blue.

   Which is surprising, because a mysterious force is wreaking havoc on the world's oceans, and gigantic walls of ice are lowering the temperature of the oceans and affecting the animals in a deadly fashion.

   While Aspen idles, the powerful Killian investigates the source of the problem - the mysterious Vana. The question is, does she know what she's doing - and what reason could she have for causing so much destruction?

   The story by David Wohl ­doesn't give us a lot to work with here, as characters and events are moved into place, but the art by Cory Smith and Alex Konat ­is quite good, with good character designs and layouts - although the action sequences are slim until the end of the comic.

   With the characters and the menace set, next issue holds lots of promise, as long as it builds on the foundation provided with this issue.

Grade: B


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