Saturday, December 28, 2013

Origin II #1

   I have to admit I liked Wolverine better when his origins were mysterious.

   For quite a long time, we didn't know much about Logan's history - just what bits were revealed in the course of his adventures in the X-Men comic. 

   We discovered that at some point he was a wild child, literally raised by wolves in the wilds of Canada. We found out that he spent some time in Japan, and that he fought in World War II (meeting Captain America and a young Black Widow). 

   We found out about the origins of his adamantium skeleton in Barry Windsor-Smith's Weapon X story. 

   But his life story became clearer on the release of the first Origin mini-series in 2001, which set a time period for his birth (late 1800s / early 1900s) and his relationship to his (mostly) dysfunctional family. 

   The series was a sales hit, so they're going to the well again with the follow-up, Origin II, which (so far) puts the focus on Logan's life in the wild, running with a pack of wolves. 

   This issue is drawn by Adam Kubert (his brother Andy drew the original series), and the art is stunning, with amazing environments, wild animals and the brutal existence in the wild.

   It's written by Keiron Gillen, though there's virtually no dialogue in evidence - it's all captions (and little enough of those), as he wisely lets the art tell the tale.

   While both series are well crafted, I'm still not convinced it's to the good of the character - but if you don't mind losing some of the mystery, and if the throwback "clear cover" doesn't put you off, then this is well worth buying.

Grade: A-


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