Sunday, December 29, 2013

Justice League #26

   The trick with any event that has such wide-ranging effects as Forever Evil is: what do you do in the main title when the characters who usually populate it are gone?

   The answer delivered by writer Geoff Johns is to focus on the Justice League from an alternate reality - the Crime Syndicate.

   So this issue looks at several members of that team - but only one that's actually interesting.

   The one that I wanted to hear more about is the newly-created Grid, an artificial intelligence created from the machine half of Cyborg.

   Less interesting is the evil Power Ring, an alternate version of Hal (Green Lantern) Jordan, but the most despicable are Johnny Quick and Atomica, two sadistic murderers who find themselves gifted with great power.

   The art by Ivan Reis is terrific of course, but the subject matter is just relentlessly grim and despicable.

   I find myself really looking forward to the end of this series - I miss the real Justice League.

Grade: C+


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