Sunday, December 15, 2013

Justice League 3000 #1

   This comic - Justice League 3000 - has the pedigree to be outstanding.

   It features Keith Giffen and J. M. DeMatteis plotting and scripting the story (they both created the classic Justice League International series and almost single-handedly brought humor back to comics).

   It has Howard Porter providing the excellent art (he famously teamed with Grant Morrison for one of the better takes on the JLA).

   The concept - on the face of it - seems to be a different take on the world of the Legion of Super-heroes, who generally hold a monopoly on this time period.

   But the Legion is nowhere in sight, and a serious threat has arisen, so some unusual figures involved with a future version of Cadmus have taken an unusual step - they've created their own Justice League to fight the bad guys.

    But this League is different from the ones we've seen before, and the members will have to overcome those differences.

   Happily, the issue does feature quite a bit of humor (though not as over-the-top or bwah-hah-hah as we might expect).

   The big question is: is this really the Justice League or just an imitation? And if it's an imitation, why should we care?

   That's a big hurdle to clear, but at least they have some big guns working on the solution.

Grade: B+


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