Saturday, December 14, 2013

Batman #26

   In reading the latest adventures of Batman, I still wonder why they didn't do this to begin with.

   When DC "rebooted" their entire line of comics as the "New 52," almost every series began at some point several years after each character made his or her public debut.

   That left the years between as something of a mystery. Did their stories follow (more or less) the same path as the original version of the character, or were there significant differences?

   We've seen some of the answers to that for Superman with the reboot of Action Comics, and now we're finally getting the story of Batman's early days in the ongoing story by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo.

    It seems that it would have been much more efficient to start all the series at the beginning, as it were, rather than moving back and forth in the character's timeline.

   At any rate, those early years are the focus of this story, as Bruce Wayne confronts some menaces both new and familiar, all while being threatened by a corrupt police force in Gotham City.

   It's an interesting take on the hero, as he must learn who can be trusted - and who can't.

   As always, the art and story are exceptional, loaded with grim action, plot twists and powerful visuals. This continues to be one of the best of the New 52 comics, and one that pops to the top of that week's reading stack.

Grade: A



♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

Nice :)

Dwayne said...

My thoughts exactly! Wouldn't this current Zero Year act have been perfect in Detective Comics at the New 52 reboot? It would have been a companion to Action Comics with the blue jean wearing Superman.