Monday, December 16, 2013

Astro City #7

   Astro City was there first.

   The story about the love affair between Winged Victory and the Samaritan may seem awfully similar to the romance going on at DC between Wonder Woman and Superman - but Kurt Busiek and Brent Eric Anderson set up this romance long ago.

   And actually, the romance is a (relatively) small part of the tale. The focus is on Winged Victory and an apparent attempt to discredit her.

   Three female super-villains claim to have been trained by WV, bringing into doubt her work to empower women and teach them self-defense and self-preservation.

   The story features a recap of her origin and is loaded with lovely, lush artwork.

   Unlike the majority of comics out there, Astro City manages to tell stories about characters who are interesting, intelligent, and act and behave like real people. These are stories that matter, that challenge the reader and make you care about what happens next.

   Lots of comics can't make that claim - and every issue of this series can. Not to be missed.

Grade: A



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