Friday, December 13, 2013

Justice League #25

   As the Forever Evil event continues to drag on, comics like Justice League must find other ways to keep vamping while all the heroes who usually fill the pages are apparently dead (wink, wink).

   This issue manages that by focusing on the Crime Syndicate (the evil, Earth-3 refugees who have attacked Earth-1) - to be exact, on Owlman.

   We see his origin and the crucial ways it matches - and deviates - from that of his Earth-1 counterpart, the Batman. 

   You'll also see the first part of the origin of another key DC character who hasn't popped up in the "New 52" universe - yet.

   It's an interesting tale, though very dark and rather disturbing.

   The art by Doug Mahnke and a small army of inkers is tremendous - he really is one of the best in DC's bullpen right now, with a sharp, Brian Bolland-like eye.

   As the cover indicates, this issue at least gives us an update on Nightwing, who was in dire straits after the first issue of Forever Evil - and his situation hasn't improved much.

   But the issue just feels like it's marking time while the real story marches on elsewhere - and if this is DC's premiere title, it deserves better than that.

Grade: B




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